Workshop with action research: My experience of good/bad residence? – Personal stories inspiring future housing

This workshop by Dwellers in Agile Cities project will inspire future housing with a collaborative drama intervention, zooming into personal follow-up stories of good/bad housing in the cities. Welcome to learn from housing experiences of the others and share your own!

Date: August 18, 2017

There will be two similar workshops, you can chooce the first at 13.00-13.45 or the second at 14.00–14.45.

Venue: Kalliolan Setlementtitalo, Sturenkatu 11, Helsinki

The discussion will be facilitated based on the interests of the participants. Potential themes include different dwellers (age groups, refugees, handicapped, poor, rich, single, families), technology, smart houses, smart transport, artificial intelligence, digitalization, new work, sharing economy, circular economy, material efficiency, climate change, weather, floods, renewable energy, distributed energy production, new planning practices, regulation.

The workshop is a part of YIMBYcon 2017, an international event that brings together urban activists in Helsinki, Finland on August 18-19, 2017. Shortage of urban housing is one of the biggest problems cities and societies face today. The YIMBY (Yes In My BackYard) movement proposes that building more, especially in downtown areas, is a crucial part of the solution.

The conference programme can be found here.

Registration: please mark yourself as participant to the YIMBYcon 2017 Facebook event.

Photo: Jouko Myllyoja