6. Roadmap to agile cities

ROADMAP TO AGILE CITIES is developed jointly with all the subprojects, the stakeholders and the international advisory board.

The cities and cases studied in the DAC subprojects will act as a spectrum illustrating the multiplicity of possible practices and dynamics of agile cities.

The consortium will propose a roadmap for economically, ecologically and socially sustainable urbanisation where temporary needs and sudden changes are turned into an idea of an agile city which provides pathways to competitive and attractive global cities.

The main objectives of creating a roadmap is to:

  1. increase the collective understanding of interconnected challenges and interdependencies
  2. innovate through experimentation
  3. implement novel practices as results of the cooperation between the DAC-researchers, political decision makers in cities and nationally, planning officials, housing and new technology developers and dwellers

The roadmap combines variation and effective upscaling.

It recognises the processes of adjustment in different contexts and is based on a open innovation method including co-design and co-creation phases. The roadmap will focus on practical processes that can support agility and need based solutions.

This includes novel business models, recommendations for policies fostering agile practices, co-created and co-designed innovative applications for housing, commodity utilities and building industry, community-learning processes, grassroots level decision-making tools and understanding the use of flexible spaces and shared goods.

The DAC-consortium is capable of exploring both the physical and technical features (SP1, SP3 and SP5) of well-functioning experiments but also ensuring close scrutiny of required social and political interaction needed for providing future visions with new alignments (SP2 and SP4). In this way the DAC-project deepens the societal understanding of practices through which urbanisation can be governed. The roadmap will provide guidance for embarking on socio-technical transition pathways and linking urban innovations and urbanization with governance.

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